The Six Superpowers of Video Storytelling

Today's consumers, facing more choices than ever, challenge marketers to sell them more than just a product or service. Marketers now must sell a lifestyle. Now, the association with a brand is often the most important selling proposition. To capture these decision makers, marketers need to create a cohesive and compelling brand experience, one that captures loyalty through storytelling.Read the full article


Director / Editor: Eliot Rausch
Director of Photography: Eric Koretz
Assistant Camera: Adam Becker
Music Composition: Adam Taylor
Location Scout: Jeff McSpadden

"Vans came to me with a proposal to create a short film that embodied the essence of their brand. The creative exploration and freedom they allowed me was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Pure trust, pure faith, in my abilities as a story-teller / director and as a friend. In creating this piece, it was profound to realize the success of their company, at its core, is based on a similar model they share with everyone they work with. To feel part of a brand, part of a family, part of an authentic creative expression, truly moved me to my core."

- Eliot Rausch

Special Thanks to:

Steve Van Doren, Classic Hosoi, Ray Barbee, Leila Hurst, Steve Caballero, Keith Morris, Stephen Murray, Mason Murray, Seth Murray, Tony Alva, Curren Caples, Russ Pope, and Christian Hosoi

An Production

To read about how this was shot on the Red Epic using Canon Lenses go to


Film by Trevor Fife


“The Waking Sleep”
written/performed by Katie Herzig

“Dawn Sustained”
Ted Laderas