How to Recruit A Brand Evangelist

by Nate Birt
In the fairytale land that is the Internet, there’s a troll underneath nearly every bridge. In fact, there are often whole communities of them. Just ask Hillary Clinton if you don’t believe me. Yet for all of the sour dispositions and negative brand reviews online, there are many knights in shining armor.Read the full article

  • Hillary Clinton’s army of trolls - 7 readers, 250 Tweets - Hillary Clinton’s tweets aren’t particularly edgy or provocative. But no matter what she says, they tend to generate a passionate response – much of it negative. No matter the message, whether it’s an opinion on a contentious issue or an unremarkable snapshot from the campaign trail, the result tends to be the same: an avalanche...

  • Good Branding Starts From The Top-Down: Fran Kelly - 7 readers, 168 Tweets - If you want good branding, you must turn your CEO into a "Brand Champion." That's according to Fran Kelly, founder of a new brand consultancy called CEOVIEW Branding. Mr. Kelly has been in the advertising business since 1977, has 100+ brand development experiences, and has been part of some great success stories [...]