3 Ways Facebook Instant Articles Will Be Big for Brands

Two weeks ago, a select group of media companies started publishing Instant Articles on Facebook, causing an earthquake through the media industry so powerful and catastrophic that the illuminati had to summon The Rock to fight it. (See footage below.) I’m not going to lie—I contributed a bit to the hysteria when I broke down the 7 things you need to know about Facebook Instant Articles.Read the full article

  • With Facebook’s Instant Articles, Publishers May Find 70 Cents Is Better Than a Dollar

    blogs.wsj.com - 30 readers, 221 Tweets - Publishers are still digesting the details of Facebook’s new “Instant Articles” initiative, which in the first 24 hours has set off reactions ranging from panic to confusion to envy across the online news landscape.One major consideration is whether Facebook can help publishers generate revenue from their mobile audiences more successfully than ...