What makes Pinterest so…Pinteresting?

Pinterest. It’s unique in and of itself. It is the place to go to visually create the ideal closet or wedding, or get ideas for new recipes and do-it-yourself projects. Whether it is to see “visually-appealing” pins or get inspiration, Pinterest has continued to grow and evolve since its creation. This virtual bookmarking app has taken on many changes and updates to keep up wit ...Read the full article

  • Pinterest Revamps 'Pin It' Button, Makes Bookmarking Faster

    forbes.com - 12 readers, 340 Tweets - VideoSince its launch five years ago, Pinterest has been a destination for dreaming about the future. But Pinterest wants to be much more than the place to discover clothes, vacations, articles and recipes. In a redesign of its “Pin It” browser button, rolled out on Thursday, the site cut the number [...]

  • Pinterest Narrows Ad Targeting; Tests Animated Pins

    adage.com - 8 readers, 672 Tweets - Pinterest in the coming months will test a more refined ad targeting product and targeting while also testing animated pins.