A Social Network Just for Marketers? - Inbound Marketing Highlights

Hi, I'm Roman; and this is Mike. And we are you inbound guides. Join us, if you will. Here are this week's inbound marketing highlights hand-crafted just for you, straight from the HubSpot oven. New Social Network Launched Exclusively For Marketers - Shocase is a social network designed for marketers.Read the full article

  • New Social Network Launched Exclusively For Marketers

    forbes.com - 7 readers, 552 Tweets - “There hasn't been a dedicated social media network for the world's hundred million marketers until now” claimed Ron Young, founder and CEO of Shocase, when he previewed the new platform for me recently. “We believe that the trend for vertical social networks is inevitable. ” Shocase recently launched as a [...]

  • When, How and Where to Promote Your Content on Social Media

    entrepreneur.com - 7 readers, 1094 Tweets - Promotion is just one part of the process, but it's a complex machine of its own.