Emojis Now Showing as Display URLs in Google Search Results

by Jennifer Slegg
Just when you thought emojis in search results couldn’t get any more annoying, some SEOs have discovered that they can use specific combinations of characters to display the URL in emoji format. This was actually part of an ad campaign by Norwegian Airlines, which launched it via influencers on Instagram, such as this one: NYHED til ALLE Travel Lovers: Norwegian åbner ...Read the full article

  • This Airline Made a URL Entirely of Emojis, and 1,600 People Managed to Type It In

    adweek.com - 15 readers, 492 Tweets - Emojis are usually pretty easy to use—unless you're trying to type them into your browser's address bar. Norwegian Airlines decided its target millennial audience was probably up to the challenge, though, so earlier this week it partnered with several Danish influencers on Instagram to spread the cryptic URL shown above.