Dethroning Content In Customer Service

Published 39 mins ago 19 A couple of years ago, I travelled to New York for a conference on social media and content marketing. We heard from major brands such as Hertz, MasterCard, Mc Donald’s and many more. It was a great experience. I learned a lot and met many amazing people. One of them was Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, Social Media Manager at KLM Airlines in Amsterdam.Read the full article

Schiphol & KLM: Cover Greetings

The Cover Greetings campaign gave people the chance to leave a personal message on the headrest of the seat occupied by a friend or family member onboard a KLM flight. Schiphol and KLM together ensured that the personal message would be placed on the right seat on the aircraft. This made for an unexpected and touching moment for the passengers who boarded the plane as they saw a headrest cover made especially for them. Cover Greetings enabled Schiphol and KLM to make the moment of departure extra special for both passengers and those staying at home. #CoverGreetings