Successful Storytelling Is Quick, Not Fast

by Robert Rose
Agile is a tune to which all the marketing kids are dancing these days. But, interestingly, what gets lost in translation is the distinction between being fast and truly being agile. The pressure to move faster and faster is everywhere. As Jim McGinnis, Vice President at Intuit, said in a recent interview: The world has sped up in the past 20 years.Read the full article

  • Why Marketers Need To Move Faster - 22 readers, 395 Tweets - An interview with Jim McGinnis, currently VP at Intuit and the former EVP/GM of Activision (a leading gaming company), VP of Marketing at PepsiCo, and Marketing Director at Procter and Gamble. The interview is part of a "CMO Insight Series" designed to gain unique perspective on what it is like to be a contemporary marketing leader.