3 Big Social Media Trends That Are About to Blow Up

by Jade Furubayashi
Whew, that was a whirlwind. I just spent 50 hours in the ATL, soaking up all the information that Social Media Today’s conference, The Social Shake-Up, had to offer. Often times, these conferences have the same ‘ol ring to them: “Be engaging!” “Pay attention to your audience!” “What’s going on with the millennials!?” These general themes made appearances (this is a marketing ...Read the full article

Your Social Photos Put to Work with Ditto

750 million photos are shared every day on social media networks. Passionate fans post images of teams and products they love, but fewer and fewer of those photos are tagged with words or hashtags. Ditto has a proprietary visual recognition engine that discovers photos with brands and makes those photos actionable for marketers.

With Ditto you can put your fans' photos to work by:
· Gaining insights about your brand and competitors in native settings
· Identifying affinities and analyzing seasonal and geographic trends
· Engaging with influencers and growing your community
· Targeting ads based on brands and categories fans actually use in-the-wild

Learn more at Ditto.us.com, where you can sign up for a free brand report and check out our platform at startditto.com.

  • Jameson Serves a 3-D Whiskey Shot in Its New Instagram Ad

    adweek.com - 23 readers, 562 Tweets - Jameson says it has created the first 3-D video ad for Facebook and Instagram, using a technique that makes it appear as if a bartender is sliding a whiskey shot your way. The company is just one of a number of brands buying into the two apps' sponsored videos, and the format is giving marketers an opportunity to get creative.