Angry Birds Fight Offers Multiplayer Match-Three Battles on Mobile

Rovio has announced the worldwide release of Angry Birds Fight on iOS and Android devices. The match-three puzzle game was created in collaboration with Kiteretsu, and features multiplayer battles with players challenged to clear islands and defeat the pigs. In each battle of Angry Birds Fight, players are given a limited amount of time to create as many matches as they can ...Read the full article

Angry Birds Fight! – Official Gameplay Trailer

Get a first look at the player vs. player matching mayhem of Angry Birds Fight! Unlock new characters, equip them with wacky equipment, and go head-to-head with other players in frenzied real time puzzle battles. It’s kinda crazy, and it’s now available worldwide! Get it now from the Apple App Store and Google Play! OFFICIAL WEBSITE DOWNLOAD LIKE FOLLOW