Retailers: What is multi-channel attribution, anyway?

by Shareen Pathak
Retailers from top brands like Nordstrom, Zappos, GameStop and Barnes & Noble are gathered in Chicago this week for the Digiday Retail Summit. One of the biggest challenges confronting them: multi-channel attribution. Ideally, retailers would have some sort of complex model that essentially lets retailers figure out what the different components were that drove a specific sale.Read the full article

Define it: What is multi-channel attribution?

Everyone's discussing it, but what is it? We asked retailers at the Digiday Retail Summit to define multi-channel attribution. Linda Balfour of KEEN Footwear said it's about looking at where traffic comes to a website from. "Being able to track customers across every platform they're coming into. Awesome question," is how Jeremy Barrett, who handles product development at Staples sees it.