San Diego Zoo Takes Southern Californians On Safari Without Leaving The State

by Steve Hall

Safaris Departing Daily at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Connect with us Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Tumblr - Pinterest - At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, safaris depart daily. Not only once a month and under a blue moon…. Not only as the West African crowned crane flies…. Every day. Daily. So the next time the daily grind has you feeling trapped, ask yourself this: Why settle for traffic that moves at a crawl, when you can feel the rush of a cheetah racing at 70 miles an hour? Why face another meeting, about a meeting when you can come face to face with the king of the jungle? Why feed the office lunch stealer with your clearly marked leftovers, when you can feed a hungry giraffe? Why listen to your cube-mate’s daily indigestion, when you can listen to the call of the wild? It’s time to soar through the sky and trek through the treetops. It’s time to wake up and smell the savannah. It’s time to stop asking all of these rhetorical questions. It’s time to go on safari.

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