GoPro’s Golden Gate flyby and 5 other examples of interactive video done well

Interactive video has had some highlights in the past few years—see: Bic’s “Insane Human Curling” in 2011, Terry Crews’ dancing pecs in “Muscle Music” for Old Spice or Bob Dylan’s seriously belated official video for “Like a Rolling Stone.” Even the infamous Subservient Chicken, star of Burger King’s 2004 interactive campaign, made a triumphant return for a 2014 follow-up.Read the full article

Car Town Streets - Value Exchange Integration

Honda 'The Other Side' - Trailer

Everyone has another side. Find out more at #TypeR

Opera Mediaworks Native Mobile Video Example: adidas x Shazam

Opera Mediaworks has partnered with leading brands and agencies to create mobile-first, short-form (less than 15 sec.) video based on data-driven best practices. In this example, adidas teamed with Opera to develop a native video spot that ran across the Opera Mediaworks platform powered by Opera’s AdColony Instant-Feed™ native video product.