Our Latest Experiments With Medium, Instagram, and More: Buffer’s Social Media Report for May

by Kevan Lee
It’s been an amazing month at Buffer working on some fun social media strategies and thinking ahead to some big new ideas. What’s a good Medium strategy? How can we gain more followers on Instagram? What might a Buffer podcast look like? I’d love to share with you what’s been on our plates recently, along with all the social media stats from our Buffer accounts.Read the full article

The Pinterest Tip to Top Them All

Even if you don't use Pinterest yourself, I'm sure we all hope avid Pinners will Pin our blog posts. The problem is that we typically use large horizontal images in our posts, which look great in Facebook link previews and Twitter cards but get lost in the sea of vertical images on Pinterest.

I'm going to show you a trick to embed big vertical images in your blog posts Pinners can use when they Pin your posts, but which will be invisible on your blog.