Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: June 12, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Search Update, Thumbtack Penalty, Yelp Reviews & YouTube 8K - This week in search, we covered a possible Google update starting around Wednesday night. Google penalized Thumbtack, a Google Capital backed web site for unnatural links. Google told us what they really call some Google features. Google says the Site Name markup isn’t for subdomains. Google said traffic isn’t always an indicator for search quality. Google said they treat 429 error codes like 503 error codes. Google has an amazing search feature that is aware of your location. Google now supports Touch To Search on Android. Google labeled some sites as harmful by accident. Google AdWords now supports cross campaign reporting and management. Google updated their shopping feed specifications and product taxonomy. Google now makes you withhold your own VAT. Yelp will not only mark reviews as paid but show the evidence. Google’s search team paid a visit to Xiaomi in China. YouTube resolution can now go up to 8K, just wow. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Early Signs Of A Google Update In German Regions? : Thumbtack Apologizes After Google Penalty; Asking For Link Removals From Businesses : Google Calls Them Featured Snippets, Knowledge Cards & Live Results : Google's Site Name Markup Not Supported For Subdomains : Google: Traffic From Search A Quality Indicator? Not Necessarily. : Google: We Treat 429 Error Code & 503 Error Code Equally : Google's Amazing Mobile Search: It Knows Where You Are Standing : Google Android Touch To Search In Chrome : Google Mistakenly Labels Some Sites As Harmful : Google AdWords Cross-Account Campaign Management & More : Google Shopping Feed Specification & Product Taxonomy Updated : Google AdWords Reverses VAT Settings : Yelp's Consumer Alert Label On Business Profile Reviews : Google Search Team Visits Xiaomi, Hugo Barra : YouTube At 8K Videos (4320p) :

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