What is the Best Standing Desk?

Why Should You Buy a Standing Desk Sitting the whole day is not a good thing health wise. In fact the best way of ensuring that you remain health and injury free is to move around during the day. You must be able to alternate between sitting and standing. This guide looks at some of the best methods that can help you remain healthy.Read the full article

Standesk 2200: How to build a standing desk for under $22

Inspired by a blog entry from Colin Nederkoorn, I set off to build a standing desk for the cheap. After purchasing a few parts from IKEA and a little elbow grease, I have made my work area more ergonomically enjoyable. Shout out to Colin Nederkoorn's Blog -- http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/ and his post: http://iamnotaprogrammer.com/Ikea-Standing-desk-for-22-dollars.html