3 Tactics for Boosting Conversions On Your LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

If there’s one thing that all Inbound Marketers know to be true, it’s that getting qualified eyes on your content isn’t necessarily a quick and easy task. It can be especially difficult if you’re a B2B business and your ideal personas are CEOs and other high-level executives who aren’t regularly online, searching for solutions for themselves. Distribution has become a must.Read the full article

Optimizing Your Campaign with Direct Sponsored Content

Watch this video to find out how Direct Sponsored Content on LinkedIn can help you reach your target audience and further optimize your Sponsored Update campaigns. You’ll learn how to create and sponsor Direct Sponsored Content, which metric indicates high performance, and how to ensure your winning creative competes more often in the LinkedIn auction. Learn more about Direct Sponsored Content on LinkedIn here: lnkd.in/sponsoredupdates