5 Podcasts Every Content Marketer Should Listen To

by Jillian Richardson
People on my morning commute probably think I’m mildly crazy. Despite what you might assume, I’m not giving a subway sermon or breakdancing for money. I’m simply standing, headphones plugged in, and laughing to myself periodically. I might even give the occasional, “Huh, I never knew that!” or “Shut up, you’re insane!” No, I’m not talking on the phone. I’m just getting really into a podcast.Read the full article

How to Become a Thought-Leader w/ Mark W Schaefer | Content Warfare TV

How to Become a Thought-Leader and think for yourself in the digital echo chamber. This week Content Warfare TV has the pleasure of hosting +Mark Schaefer, author, speaker, consultant and founder of the Businesses Grow blog _(one of my personal favorites)_. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mark. There are three reasons I hold him in such high regard: 1) He's genuine and funny and the same way offline as he comes across online. 2) He thinks for himself. His opinions are consistently unique and forward thinking. 3) If you disagree with his opinion he'll engage you in civilized, non-defensive debate _(which it is always a pleasure to do)_. *Mark is a thought-leader* in every sense of the term and I'm going to try and get as many nuggets of wisdom as possibly can out of him. You don't want to miss episode... it's going to rock shiz. Visit Mark's blog here: http://www.businessesgrow.com/blog/ or get his new book *Social Media Explained* here: http://goo.gl/luiXpn ====== Can't make the live event but still want the great content? Find you favorite way to subscribe below: - Subscribe by email: http://goo.gl/rz5b2U - Youtube Subscribe link: http://goo.gl/My8UpZ - iTunes subscribe link: http://goo.gl/o6u9G6 - Stitcher subscribe link: http://goo.gl/HAoxVR #marketing #thoughtleadership #contentwarfare