It’s Time to Be Extraordinary (A Message Whose Time Has Come)

I’m just coming off of a crazy couple of weeks (in a REALLY good way) and I want to share with you about everything that’s happening. Remember when I wrote a post back in the beginning of 2015 about my commitments for the year? If not, you can read that post here. If so, you may remember that I promised I would be delivering more value to the marketplace in the way of produc ...Read the full article

It's Time To Be Extraordinary Come join in the conversation on my blog. :) "It's Time To Be Extraordinary" Often times, the Universe has a plan for us to help us stay on the right track, to be able to follow our hearts and live into our passions, and often times it looks a little (or a lot) different than what we may have imagined it would be. As long as we are open to whatever unfolds and we choose in favor of our passions every time we are faced with a decision, miracles begin to unfold. That’s what I have been experiencing lately. In this video, I'll explain what I mean... and what I'm up to. And you can head on over to my blog to get the full low-down and see all of the comments I've been getting since my prelaunch. Head on over: