Reminder: Upgrade your URLs by July 1, 2015

by Rob Newton
In February, we announced Upgraded URLs - a faster and easier way to manage your URLs in AdWords. With Upgraded URLs, you’ll be able to manage your landing page and tracking information separately using the new final URL and tracking template fields. Check out this video to learn more about the benefits of Upgraded URLs.Read the full article

Introducing Upgraded URLs for easier and faster URL management

Managing URL tracking in AdWords just got easier with Upgraded URLs. We've improved URL management to help you manage and track information about each click on your ads. With upgraded URLs, you can spend less time managing your URL tracking information, reduce how often Google crawls your website, and take advantage of new ValueTrack and custom tracking parameters. Learn how you can start using upgraded URLs today:

Upgraded URLs Hangout on Air

Top FAQ's from this event are answered on the AdWords Community: Katie from the AdWords team is joined by Leo Sei, Product Manager and Sally Chung, Product Expert to discuss the new Upgraded URLs features. They'll be taking us through why you should be using upgraded URLs, showing us how to upgrade your URLs and covering the top questions we've seen from advertisers.