How Mint Acquired Over 1.5 Million Users Without a Single Growth Hack

These days, everyone wants to get rich quick or go viral (or even better, get rich quick while going viral.) Many businesses, big and small, young and old, turn to growth hacks and rends to try and make an impact within their industry as quickly as possible. Unfortunately oftentimes, they also end up neglecting one very crucial component of this success -- their actual product.Read the full article

Aaron Patzer - The $170 Million Idea: From Idea to Exit in 3 Years

Aaron Patzer, founder of, shares his experiences starting with a simple idea and ending in a $170 million acquisition deal of his company with Intuit Inc. Aaron is both the visionary and technical mind behind, now the leading free, online money management in the US. He designed to meet the needs of people who value the immediacy of the web, simplicity and their free time. Prior to founding Mint, Aaron was an architect and technical lead for the San Jose division of Nascentric. Before Nascentric, Aaron worked for IBM and founded two web development and online marketing companies: PWeb and International. Aaron holds an MSEE from Princeton University and a BS in computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering from Duke University. He has 10 patents filed or pending. This talk was sponsored by Princeton University's Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering Education.

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