The 5 Best LGBT Pride-Inspired Ads

by Jillian Richardson
It’s Pride Month, and companies aren’t afraid to get in the spirit. Target is leading the charge with their #TakePrideCampaign. Its tag, “We’re not born with pride, we take pride” is a tear-jerker in itself. Of course, that’s before you even lay eyes on their 80-second spot, which mixes adorable dancing cartoon couples, kids holding their parents’ hands, and footage of sunsets, for God’s sake.Read the full article

Take Pride

Pride isn’t something any of us were born with. It is something we take, by finding purpose in every challenge, experience, victory and feeling. Join us as we celebrate and take pride in who we were born to be. #takepride

2015 Pride Month

To learn more about all of the official NYC Pride events check out Video by McGann+Zhang

2014/Lucky To Be

Lucky Charms is launching its second #LuckyToBe campaign, celebrating individuality, diversity and inclusiveness and encouraging fans everywhere to share why they are #LuckyToBe.

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