Stop! An App for Fun on the Go!

by Carolyn Nicander Mohr
If you’re looking for a fun app that anyone of all ages can enjoy, check out Stop! a game that can be played alone or with teams. Stop! will challenge you to think quickly and test your knowledge of a wide variety of topics. In fact, if you’re wondering why people are asking you to “name something round beginning with the letter X” they’re probably playing Stop! Stop! is a f ...Read the full article

Stop - Fun Categories Word Game

Stop is our take on a word & trivia game that is considered a classic throughout the world. Known as Tutti Frutti, Jeu du Baccalauréat, Stadt Land Fluss, among others, the game is simple enough: pick a letter at random, then do your best to find words starting with that letter that fit under the different categories (e.g. Names of Countries, Body Parts, Super Heros, and many more). There's just one twist: you don't know how quick your opponent is, so you have to think fast! And watch out for typos. Download the game at