25 Marketing Resources Driving Inbound Traffic: June 19th, 2015

Search Engine Optimization SEOs and PR people have similar goals, but different tools. At SEMRush this week Aaron Agius has nine lessons that anyone who does SEO can take from tried-and-true PR strategies. Following in the footsteps of Google and Yahoo, Microsoft has announced that Bing searches will now be encrypted by default, though as James Vincent points out at The Verge ...Read the full article

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  • Microsoft will encrypt Bing search traffic by default

    theverge.com - 23 readers, 449 Tweets - Using Bing is going to be a little bit more secure this summer, with Microsoft encrypting traffic on its search engine by default. The company has been offering encrypted search as an option for...

  • 7 mistakes companies are making on social right now

    thenextweb.com - 24 readers, 1097 Tweets - Gone are the days when marketing professionals question the value of their company having a presence on social networks. Regardless of if the company is B2B, B2C, or any combination of the two – their customers are on social because EVERYONE is on social.