Mobile Game Roundup: Cooking Dash 2016, Vegas Aces and More

This year’s E3 video game convention may have been the major focus for many game developers this week, but many still made time to release new games for mobile devices. Bethesda led the week, launching Fallout Shelter after its E3 press conference Sunday evening, while Disney released its newest title, Inside Out Thought Bubbles, in association with the theatrical release o ...Read the full article

Cooking Dash 2016 Available Now on App Store & Google Play!

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Lines release trailer

Lines is now available on the App Store and Windows Phone! Lines is an abstract ‘zen’ game experience where form is just as important as function. Place or remove Dots to initiate a colourful race that fills a drawing.

Bonza National Geographic Release Trailer

From the makers of Bonza Word Puzzle – App Store best of 2014. Combine word search, jigsaw and trivia to solve puzzles as you explore the world of National Geographic. This edition of Bonza highlights themes like Animals, Travel, Planet Earth, Humanity and Science.

Dream Drop App Store launch trailer

A new matching addiction that will rock your world! Evil Nite Terrors have invaded the Dreamscape, keeping everyone awake and in fear. Plan your every drop to help Fiona fight off the Nite Terrors through more than 120 levels that are equal parts challenging and fun! Strategically smash matching Nite Terrors, so the righteous rocker and budding superhero can protect the sleeping.

Happy Kitten - Gameplay Video by Pine Entertainment

Your little kitten has always dreamed of flying. Luckily, in her dreams, she can do whatever she wants. Stars help her fly and every time she lands on a flying island, another one is waiting for her already. Time her landing as exact as possible, otherwise her journey will end and she will not fulfill her dreams of flying. Happy Kitten's Highlights: . Simple but addictive "one button" game . Perform dangerous jumps for bonus scores. . Awesome characters to unlock. . Beautiful hand-drawn doodle-style graphics. . Inspiring soundtracks & cute sound effects. . Accept challenges for great rewards. . Supports Game Center.

Rush of Heroes - Official Launch Trailer

Join Rush of Heroes, THE ULTIMATE Action-RPG experience with high-quality 3D visual effects and fully interactive battles. Command a really self-aware team of heroes in their quest to fight monsters and epic bosses for the sake of awesome treasure. Unlock and explore hundreds of new quest lands, form guilds, fight challenging foes, dominate players in PvP arena, and even master your occupation in fishing and mining! The possibilities are endless. Gear up and get ready for battle in RUSH OF HEROES! Download Rush of Heroes now for free! Game features: • Epic and expansive 3D RPG experience • Conquer 150+ quest zones and battle areas • More than 40 fully upgradable heroes • Over 160 special skills & abilities • Master your occupations, including fishing and mining • Over 1,200 items including weapons & armor • Multiple dungeons with EXP & gold rewards • Take part in Arena PvP battles NOTE: A network connection is required. Like us on Facebook for the latest news:

Downhill Riders - Official Gameplay Trailer Bob and Tod are two nearly brain dead teenagers with a cherished dream of becoming youtube stars. They spend day and night on Nob Hill practicing crude, self-injuring stunts and recording them on camera in hopes to take a perfect shot. Help the guys to safely ride down the hill, collect coins, unlock new equipment and catch your moment of glory!

Game of Dragons for iPhone and iPad

Help a charming princess save her father's kingdom! Glory Lind has never known her father. So when one day a taxi driver tells her that her father Edward is an emperor who has been waiting to meet her for many years, she feels scared yet happily excited. Teleported to the Empire of Newterra, a parallel world of magic and dragons, Glory must first pass the royal family test to prove she is a real princess.

Xenowerk - Release trailer

Be the last hope against the mutant infestation. Enter the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. Available NOW! (Android version available by the end of June) Xenowerk™ comes from Pixelbite, the creators of Space Marshals. It is a top-down action shooter challenging your combat skills in an underground science lab. Descend deeper into the abyss and explore the tarnished levels. Armed with a flashlight as your main guidance, you’ll never know what’s lurking in the dark!

Google Play Trailer - Vegas Aces

Travel to the world's biggest casinos on your way to find the cause of your brother's murder! Beat the best poker players and build up a big chip stack to finally compete in Vegas Aces Tournament! Download the game! ---Follow Us--- Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: SnapChat: toastusa