Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: June 19, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Google Updates, Reconsideration Requests & Bing To Go HTTPS - This week in search, we reported on a minor Google update I named the cricket update and then a larger Google update that had a lot of discussion but was not Panda or Penguin - I go into the second one in more detail. Google also reversed the Thumbtack penalty in less than a week and said it is not because of who invested in them but rather how they cleaned up the issue. Google explained more on the dreaded reconsideration request. Google said they don’t just let black hat spammers fight it out. Bing is going to go HTTPS and strip out all query data, just like Google did. Google said don’t add the no index to your body content either. Google updated their breadcrumb documentation. Google now has quote answer boxes without citations. Google has updated their cache page result. Google Maps apps warns users if the business is closed before you leave. Google added review stars for location extensions. Google AdWords upgraded URLs deadline is July 1st. Google AdWords will no longer support AdWords Editor 10.x or lower starting June 30th. Google AdSense has a new logo. Google said the UK sees more mobile searches than desktop searches. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable. Google Cricket Update This Weekend? : Google Update Happening? Maybe Panda About To Kick Off? : Google Core Algorithm Change: Not Panda, Not Penguin & Not HTTPS : Google Reverses The Thumbtack Link Penalty, Rankings Return : Google: Great Reconsideration Requests Get Processed Fast; Hints At Thumbtack : The Dreaded Google Reconsideration Request Response : Google: We Do Take Action On Black Hat Spam In Spammy Niches : Bing To Encrypt Search This Summer & Screws SEOs/Marketers : Google PSA: Don't Add Noindex Directives In Your Body Content : Google Breadcrumbs Docs Updated But Don't Expect Hyperlinks To Return : Google Quote Search Answer Box : Google Refreshes The Google Cache Page : Businesses; Update Your Business Hours Or Google Maps Might Tell Your Customers To Turn Around : Google Adds Review Stars For Sites With Location Extensions Enabled : Google AdWords Upgraded URLs Deadline On July 1st : Google AdWords Editor v10.6 & Older To Be Discontinued On June 30th, 2015 : Google AdSense Has A New Logo : Google: More Mobile Searches & YouTube Views Than Desktop In UK :

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