Why is Dr.Oz Going After Brian Hamilton?

by Pace Lattin
Share ! tweet We’ve interviewed Brian Hamilton for several years about his business and what diet products are hot right now. However, he became famous most recently when “Dr.Oz” went after his company in exposes about their practices. They didn’t take it laying down and even responded in kind, showing that the accusations weren’t only false but Dr. Oz was just as misleading in their opinion.Read the full article

Private Label Nutraceuticals at Ad:Tech SF

http://PerformInsider.com Heather Vale of Performance Marketing Insider talks to Brian Hamilton, VP of Business Development for Private Label Nutraceuticals, and tries to uncover the truth behind the Dr. Oz expose. In this interview at Ad:Tech SF, discover why everyone at PLN has a beard now (or at least one possible explanation), what sorts of products PLN manufactures, what types of private labeling and fulfillment services they offer, how the entire process works, what went down with Dr. Oz and what Brian's response is. Also find out how this service fills a hole in the industry, why supplements are popular today, why people often choose nutraceuticals over pharmaceuticals, why this is a good vertical to work in and how they can help you add value to your business. Find out more at PrivateLabelNutraceuticals.com or contact Brian directly at Brian.Hamilton @PrivateLabelNutraceuticals.com