How I found that avoiding titles hindered our team more than helped

TL;DR: When someone at your company moves on after a long time, internally they got more responsibilities, but without a title change – their next employer may not see that. HR people may not even bring them in for an interview b/c another set of applicants “moved up every year”. You are doing a disservice to your long tenured team members career paths when you don’t make the ...Read the full article

Marshall Herd QB Byron Leftwich carried down the field

Marshall Thundering Herd QB Byron Leftwich became a college football legend on this day after returning to play the game after breaking his shin in the 1st quarter. The image of his linemen carrying him downfield after a long pass will not soon be forgotten.


Seer Interactive's 100th Employee Celebration - On 3/16 our 100th employee joined the team, so we decided to celebrate that morning in a big way. Big thanks to Skout Media for another incredible job.

Seer Interactive's Alumni Network - At Seer we don't just care about our team's careers when they work here; we also care about them when they leave! In that spirit, we created an Alumni Network to stay in touch and help provide value after our team moves on.