Jaha Launches Location-Based Fitness Network on iOS

Jaha has launched its “fitness friend finder” app on iOS devices, with the goal of helping users connect with others who share similar fitness and sports-related interests. The app can be used to find running or hiking partners, for instance, and focuses on connecting users within a 100 mile radius of each other.Read the full article

Jaha - Where fitness people meet

Jaha is a fun, free location-based app that helps you meet people nearby interested in the same fitness or sporting activities as you. Need motivation? A new workout buddy? A running partner? Or just some friendly competition? Jaha can help. Jaha also monitors your daily activities and training progress so you can set goals and see how you stack up against your friend challenges. Download Jaha now to find your new fitness friend! TRAIN WITH PEOPLE AT YOUR LEVEL Using a proprietary algorithm based on your fitness level and location, Jaha will match you with local enthusiasts who are currently exercising and training like you. You won't be overmatched or under-challenged. FIND A RUNNING, TENNIS, YOGA... ANYTHING-FITNESS PARTNER Jaha is great for any fitness activity: Running, walking, tennis, beach volleyball, soccer, working out, yoga, Pilates, biking, hiking, basketball, etc... STAY MOTIVATED Jaha can also be a great motivational tool for your workouts. It offers activity trackers, friend challenges and even a message board where you can talk smack with your training partners. When you’re working out, a little competition can go a long way. INTEGRATION WITH FITNESS TRACKERS Jaha has teamed with its first hardware partner, SOUL, www.soulelectronics.com and we plan to integrate with other popular fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone to allow the millions of people using these devices to enjoy the full features of the app, as well as connect with the people in the area that use these various trackers. ABOUT JAHA We started this app to bring local people together through a shared interest in fitness. Since most existing apps in this space focused on hard core athletes, Jaha is a fitness app for the rest of us. Jaha is helping create a community of enthusiasts looking to better their lives. To learn more, please visit www.jaha.com.