Suggestions Mobile: The Easiest Way to Spark Conversations on Social Media

It’s 9 a.m. You’re sufficiently caffeinated (for now), you’ve read the morning’s news, or stock reports, or—lets be honest—gossip, and now it’s time to get cracking! On the to-do list: social media messaging. Huh. What to write today? You’ve exhausted your blog content and your ideas for witty-yet-relevant Tweets are running dry.Read the full article

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Are you having trouble coming up with interesting and engaging things to post on your social media channels? Do you regularly find yourself starring at a blank compose box, taunted by a blinking cursor? Do you lie awake at night wondering how you'll find relevant content to share for the next business day? If this sounds like you then Hootsuite has your solution - it's called Hootsuite Suggestions for iOS and Desktop. Download here: