Truffle Pig Takes on Content Creation, Distribution and Analytics

by Lizetta Staplefoote
Lizetta Staplefoote published on June 24, 2015 in Content Marketing Yesterday, Snapchat, WPP, and The Daily Mail announced a unique content marketing partnership. Aptly named Truffle Pig for the specially bred pigs famous for sniffing out highly valued truffles deep underground, the union joins the world’s biggest names in marketing, content and community to give busines ...Read the full article

  • DailyMail, WPP and Snapchat partner to launch Truffle Pig - 19 readers, 183 Tweets - Making the announcement on board the MailOnline yacht at the Cannes Lions festival on Tuesday, it was revealed Truffle Pig will be a collaboration with advertising agency WPP and social app Snapchat.