CR 25 Revisited – My SEMrush Webinar

In late May I was approached by the team at SEMrush about hosting a webinar, going into more detail about the CR 25 campaign that I ran in January. I’d already given a talk about it at BrightonSEO, but with only 20 minutes available, I left out a lot of useful information surrounding the ‘content blitz’ campaign, where we published 25 blog posts in one month (pretty much one ea ...Read the full article

25 Blog Posts in One Month: Co-ordinating a Low Budget 'Content Blitz' Campaign

In January 2015, Steve helped his parents' IT recruitment agency to launch a 'content blitz' campaign, posting 25 posts in one month to mark the company’s 25th anniversary. He spoke about the campaign at BrightonSEO in April, but only got the chance to talk through a few examples of content and how much it all cost. For this webinar he'll go into more detail on the following: - How Steve planned and prepared for the campaign, including how he sourced guest bloggers (and where he sourced them from) - Running through all the content and explaining what worked well and what didn't - the good, the bad and the ugly of the campaign - How he promoted the content and explaining what worked well on each of the main social networks