My Take-aways From The Blogging on LinkedIn Hangout

by Randy Milanovic
Recently, I had the chance to participate in a Google On Air Hangout hosted by LinkedIn fellow Greg Cooper on the topic of LinkedIn Publishing platform Pulse and, specifically, what marketers can do to make the most of it as a blogging platform. On the call with me were LinkedIn heavyweights Marc Miller and Paul Shapiro.Read the full article

The Secrets of a Successful LinkedIn Blog - by People Who Really Know

In February 2014 LinkedIn opened up its blogging platform to members. Initially access was granted to 25,000 this has now been extended to all English speaking countries some 230m users, who are publishing more than 50,000 posts per week. Each time a member publishes a post a notification is sent to all of their connections and followers giving the writer maximum exposure to their network. Social shares mean that those posts can reach far beyond the member’s first degree networks. A small number of posts will generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of views and hundreds of comments. Competition for eyeballs is strong and growing. How can you make sure that your blog posts make stands out from the crowd? Is there a formula? What are the secrets? The guest panel for this discussion have deep insights into what makes a successful LinkedIn blog. Join us and learn what you need to do to succeed with your LinkedIn blog. Marc Miller, Career Pivot Marc is the author of Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for Baby Boomers. His career journey has included 22 years at IBM, several thriving tech start-ups, and a painful stint as a high school teacher. In the process Marc discovered how to overcome the age prejudices that many job seeking baby boomers encounter. A regular blogger on LinkedIn several posts have achieved hundreds of thousands of views with one achieving almost 600,000 views and over 2,000 comments. Here is a link to Marc’s LinkedIn blog. Links: Repurpose Your Career - Marc’s LinkedIn blog: Marc’s website: Randy Milanovic, Kayak Online Marketing Randy describes himself as an entrepreneur, marketer, 2-time author and active blogger on online marketing & social engagement topics. He is an active LinkedIn blogger and a regular contributor to Social Media Today. Hear Randy’s perspective on which channel works best. Randy has written two books: Findability:Why Search Engine Optimization is Dying +21 New Rules of Content Marketing and Building a Better Business Website. Links: Randy’s LinkedIn blog: Randy’s marketing books: Kayak Online Marketing: Paul Shapiro (SEO Director at Catalyst, a WPP Agency) Paul is the SEO (Organic Search Director) Director at Catalyst working with blue chip clients like Proctor and Gamble, Volkswagen, BlackRock, Eveready, Royal Caribbean, Colgate, Sam's Club, and General Electric. In late 2014 Paul published what is probably the most comprehensive piece of research into how to succeed on LinkedIn. The study involved analysing the 3,000 most successful LinkedIn blog posts and identified 10 key factors. Paul will be bringing both an SEO perspective and some fascinating empirical insights to this discussion. Links: LinkedIn study: Paul’s LinkedIn profile: Greg Cooper, Front of Mind Coaching Greg is a LinkedIn specialist, marketing coach and Google+ Trainer. For 25 years he ran an award winning direct marketing agency which he sold in 2011. Greg now works with small and medium sized business. He runs regular public LinkedIn workshops as well as bespoke and online courses. Links: Front of Mind Coaching: Greg’s LinkedIn Blog: #linkedintips #linkedinmarketing #linkdedinpulse #linkedinblogg