Email Marketing for Nonprofits: Communicating value proposition

by Jessica Lorenz
We generally think of only companies or campaigns having value propositions — why a company exists or a marketing campaign will be successful. For nonprofit companies, communicating the value proposition effectively is necessary for survival. However, there is a value prop behind every action, including each email sent — why should people read your entire email or click thro ...Read the full article

Marketing for Nonprofits: Communicating value proposition

"We did things we should never do — broke every best practice rule in the book," said Tim Kachuriak, Chief Innovation and Optimization Officer, NextAfter. That tactic resulted in a 274% increase in revenue for the nonprofit. For nonprofit marketers, reinforcing the value proposition of the cause for a donor takes precedent over a modern page design. To support the charity and the contributors, the marketing team had to justify not only the reason that the nonprofit existed, but also why it needed support. Read more marketing tips, tactics and case studies at