#SocialSkim: Snapchat's 3V Ad Format, Plus 11 More Stories in This Week's Roundup

This week we'll introduce you to Snapchat's 3V ad model, where to buy 360° VR-friendly images, a better way to track social ROI via Google, and a Twitter offering that highlights products and places (and how to buy or book them). Skim to stay connected. The future of mobile video is vertical. Snapchat's going hard on video: Its 100 million active users now consume over 2 billion daily.Read the full article

Introducing 3V Advertising

Introducing Nutshell

Life's little stories, short and sweet Snap three pictures. Add captions. Choose graphics. And let Nutshell turn it all into a shareable cinematic story.

Learning to Hug | Fairy Non Bio #NeverStopHugging

From the moment they’re born, we hug our babies constantly, because we know instinctively the power those hugs can bring. They make us feel safe, nurtured, connected and loved. But as our babies grow up, we embrace them less and less. So why do we stop? Rooted in our passion for huggably soft clothes, Fairy Non Bio believe in the Power of Soft, and champion the idea that we should never stop hugging our babies – no matter how old they are. Stephen and Ben’s story We followed Stephen and his son Ben from those first, tender moments together through to the present day. From those close, formative years to the distance that grew between them, we learn why the hugging stopped and watch as they rediscover the power of hugs.