Bieber? Or Kardashian? How brands choose their celebrity ambassadors

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new — Mark Twain’s image once appeared on cigar packaging — but today, brand campaigns have the muscle and visibility of social media behind them. So the celebrities brands team up with for these digital campaigns aren’t chosen randomly. Brands recruit the celebrities they work with in order to appeal to their audiences, and more increasingly ...Read the full article

Official Trailer | Huddle Up with Cam Newton

#HUDDLEUP Because all you have is your WILL. Watch more: This is Cam Newton…all-access, unfiltered, in his voice. "Huddle Up" is an online series that delivers an inside look at the experiences and people who have shaped Cam. From the events that almost derailed his college career to his passion for coaching his 7v7 All-Star team to the recent ankle surgery and rehab he fights through to be ready for this season. Get to know the Cam you don't see on Sundays. Connect with Under Armour Online: Visit Under Armour’s “Huddle Up" Website: Follow Under Armour on Twitter: Become a fan of Under Armour’s “Huddle Up" series on Facebook: