F is for Facelift: Inside Sesame Street’s new look

by Brian Braiker
“Sesame Street,” prepping for its 46th season this Fall, is giving its iconic neighborhood a new look. Digiday took a tour of the new set of the public television stalwart and found some big changes. Gone is Elmo’s building — he’s moved across the street to the brownstone at 123 — exposing a skyline that provides a new depth of field to the set.Read the full article

'The tragedy!': Cookie Monster comes out strongly against cookie deletion

On a recent tour of the new “Sesame Street” set, Digiday was fortunate enough to run into public television (and social media) phenomenon Cookie Monster. But the conversation threatened to turn contentious when the topic of deleting Web browser cookies came up. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the furry blue monster came out strongly against the practice. “That tragic!” he said, in disbelief. “The tragedy! You no delete cookies! No, you send cookies to me.”