5 Surprising Social Media Strategies That Actually Helped These Brands

As a social media marketer, you are constantly on the lookout for new numbers and case studies that showcase the best practices for businesses on social media. The truth is, most brands are still trying to figure out what goes into creating a successful social media strategy. Lately, the most successful campaigns are those that go against the grain and find a way to surprise the online audience.Read the full article

  • Taco Bell Explains Its Social Media Blackout and How It Lit Up Mobile Orders Within Hours

    adweek.com - 30 readers, 295 Tweets - One day after launching a mobile payment and ordering app, Taco Bell says its stunt to shut down social media had some initial success. On Tuesday, 90 percent of the chain's 6,000 U.S. stores began accepting mobile orders and payments through an iPhone and Android app.

  • How Groupon Not So Innocently Planned Its Most Popular Facebook Post Ever

    adweek.com - 42 readers, 483 Tweets - When you know your company's next social media post is going to get trolled, it pays to plan accordingly. That's the lesson from Groupon's massive success on Facebook last week, when a stellar social response by an in-house team turned the rather dildo-esque Banana Bunker into a gold mine of fan engagement and sales.

  • Why Did Taco Bell Just Wipe Out Its Social Media Accounts?

    adweek.com - 17 readers, 1131 Tweets - Taco Bell made a bold move today to grab the attention of hungry millennials. It darkened its social media pages (even appearing to wipe out its 1.4 million Twitter followers and erase all previous Facebook posts) to spotlight a single message: Customers can now order tacos, burritos and chalupas from the chain's new mobile app.

  • Taco Bell hasn't abandoned Twitter. It's just launching a new app.

    mashable.com - 16 readers, 1081 Tweets - Taco Bell blacked out its social media accounts on Tuesday in an effort to promote the launch of its new mobile ordering and payment app.