Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: July 3, 2015

by Barry Schwartz

Yahoo Tests Google Search, Bing Powers AOL Search & Google Panda Still Coming - This was a busy week in search new, less on the core SEO front though. First, Yahoo was caught testing Google powered search results. AOL signed a ten year search deal with Bing. Google still hasn’t launched Panda but says it is coming soon, probably not this weekend. Google is still testing Slow labels in the mobile search results. The spammy structured markup manual action Google penalty only impacts your rich snippets, not your rankings. Google had a bug with the breadcrumb feature again. Google says you should use the same language as your content for your URLs. Google says they now have a 10 megabyte per page crawl limit. Google says don’t go HSTS without being fully HTTPS, it can mess up indexing. Google asks webmasters if they want to combine sites in Google Webmaster Tools. Google News now lets you control the image for the story. Google still recommends PubSubHubbub for expedited indexing. Google is testing the mobile local interface on desktop. Google reviews now officially can come from Google My Business listings. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable - Happy July 4th! Yahoo Search Testing Google Results Over Bing : Bing Signs Ten Year Deal To Power AOL Search : Google: Panda Refresh Not Likely Happening On July 4th Weekend : Google "Slow To Load" Label : Google's Spammy Structured Markup Manual Action Lead To Ranking Decline? : Google: We Remove Your Rich Snippets For Spammy Structured Markup Penalties : Google Breadcrumb Search Bug? : Google: Your URLs Should Be In Your Contents Language : Google Crawl Limit Per Page: 10 Megabytes : Google: Implementing HSTS Without HTTPS Support Can Cause Issues : Google Asks Webmasters: Do You Want To Compare Sites In Google Search Console : Google News Now Enables Image Selection For Publishers Via Schema Or og:image : Expedited Indexing For New Content: Google Recommends PubSubHubbub Still : Google Testing New Local Mobile Interface On Desktop : Google Reviews Location Extensions Officially Pull From Google My Business Listings :

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