Tapping Social Media to Predict the Next Big Thing

This post originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Last year, I read an article that listed the health problems that stem from sitting too much – from obesity to cancer — and advocated standing desks as a fix. A light bulb went off in my mind: I have a bad back, and sitting all day makes it worse.Read the full article

  • Ryan Holmes: Tapping Social Media to Predict the Next Big Thing

    blogs.wsj.com - 31 readers, 208 Tweets - RYAN HOLMES: If you’re an entrepreneur, how do you quickly and easily gauge demand for your new product? What’s the best way to feel out the market before investing thousands of dollars in equipment, materials and office space? The smart kids have been using Google for years to suss out product demand. But as I found while bringing my standing d...

  • How Sitting Is Killing Us

    time.com - 21 readers, 3789 Tweets - We spend most of our days on our behinds, and that's taking a toll on everything from our health to our mood and creativity