The Reddit Revolt of 2015, explained for normals

Reddit, the collector of Internet ephemera and petri dish of memes, is in full meltdown mode. The self-proclaimed homepage of the Internet devolved into chaos in the aftermath of the dismissal ofa well-liked and high-ranking employee. Hundreds of sections, a.k.a. subreddits, fell offline as the site’s moderators and users protested the departure of Victoria Taylor, who was in ...Read the full article

  • Reddit In Chaos After Allegedly Firing AMA Coordinator Victoria Taylor - 34 readers, 1249 Tweets - If you tried to visit r/IAmA (one of Reddit’s biggest subs) recently, you were probably greeted by the image above. And if you’ve been absolutely anywhere else on the site at all in the past few hours, you probably noticed that everyone is flipping their collective shit over speculation that Victoria Taylor, the high-profile coordinator that kep...

  • Reddit Reluctantly Bans Child Porn - 7 readers, 103 Tweets - Metastasized Xbox fan message board Reddit is a little less pervy this morning after it explicitly banned all "suggestive or sexual content featuring minors," aka child porn. Only took six years and a couple public scandals.

  • Unmasking Reddit's Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web - 30 readers, 6696 Tweets - Last Wednesday afternoon I called Michael Brutsch. He was at the office of the Texas financial services company where he works as a programmer and he was having a bad day. I had just told him, on Gchat, that I had uncovered his identity as the notorious internet troll Violentacrez (pronounced Violent-Acres).

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