4 Ways Google’s News Lab Will Help You Create Awesome Content

by Jordan Teicher
Editor’s note: This article originally appeared on our sister site, The Freelancer. Last week, Google introduced the News Lab, a digital journalism toolbox full of useful reporting tools and lessons about how to use them. If you click to the site, you’ll see that the project offers help with four different areas journalists deal with on a daily basis: research, reporting, dist ...Read the full article

The Age of Insight: Telling Stories with Data

Journalism is undergoing a data-driven revolution. Pioneers in data journalism speak about the role and importance of using data in reporting, walk through some examples of their work, and share their thoughts on where the industry is headed. Featuring Ezra Klein and Melissa Bell from Vox, David Leonhard from the New York Times' The Upshot, Mona Chalabi from Fivethirtyeight, Scott Klein from ProPublica, and Mariana Santos from Fusion.