Does this fun video prove that the .sucks message isn’t total BS?

by Kevin Murphy
At least one big brand seems to have the same idea about “sucking” as the .sucks gTLD registry, even if it does not appear to own any .sucks domain names. Three, which is currently the smallest of the UK’s four major mobile phone networks, is advertising its services using very similar messaging. The fun 90-second commercial embedded below, featuring a Muppet, an old East 17 ...Read the full article

Three - When stuff sucks #makeitright (puppet advert)

Watch the new Three TV advert with Jackson, the little guy who got tired of putting up with stuff that sucks. Find out more here And what Three are doing right now at When stuff sucks, #makeitright. The mobile industry sucks, and for too long it’s gone unchallenged. At Three, we’re changing all that. From being charged expensive roaming fees, to having to pay extra for 4G, we’re taking a stand to #makeitright. Like Three on Facebook: Follow Three on Twitter: Visit: