3 Big-Data Challenges Marketers Need to Tackle Head-On

by Amanda Walgrove
Have you ever thought “Big Data” could make a solid rapper name? No? Well Viacom did. Viacom Velocity, the marketing agency that serves Viacom’s music and entertainment teams, just released a ridiculous music video about the importance of data analytics. It stars social media personalities The Fat Jew and Todrick Hall as rappers “Big Data” and “Hadoop,” respectively.Read the full article

The Fat Jewish is Big Data featuring Todrick as Hadoop

Big Data a.k.a The Fat Jewish and his partner in knowledge Todrick Hall are sharing some wisdom for what your customer really needs. Aggregating big data analytics for your clients requires a special force. Check them out as they drop massive analytical intelligence in this newly released rap video. This video was created and produced by Viacom Velocity, subscribe to Velocity's channel for more videos : http://bit.ly/1RwpxsD