4 Keys to Capturing a New Audience for Your Content Marketing

by Natalie Burg
There’s nothing quite like arriving at a hard-won success with your content program. You’re hitting your goals, your metrics look great, and everyone is popping champagne (literally, if you work at a startup; metaphorically, if you don’t). But by the time you’re sipping that second glass, chances are there’s a new challenge to tackle.Read the full article

  • Why women are better investors than men

    fortune.com - 11 readers, 187 Tweets - In her new Netflix special, Freezing Hot, comedian Iliza Shlesinger focuses on the things women rely on men to do for them … like finding the car in a crowded parking lot and giving them the weather report first thing in the morning. (“Babe, is it cold outside?,” Shlesinger asks.) Here’s something men might want…