Post Google-Twitter Launch: How is Google Indexing Twitter Today?

by Eric Enge
Back on February 4th, 2015, the news broke on a new deal between Google and Twitter, and on May 19th the the new deal went live. Back on February 10, 2015, we took a snapshot of how Google was indexing tweets before the deal went into effect. Today, we are releasing data on how Google is currently indexing tweets, now that the deal has been live for a number of weeks.Read the full article

Why Doesn't Google Index All of Twitter? - Here's Why with Mark & Eric

Now that Google has full, real-time access to all of Twitter, they must be indexing every tweet in Google search, right? Wrong! In this video see the results of the Stone Temple Consulting study that looked on Google for 133,000 tweets from over 900 Twitter users. We gathered data on the level of indexation of tweets from those accounts in February 2015 (before the Google-Twitter deal) and again in June 2015 (after Google began to implement the new tweet access). For the results, and for likely reasons why Google still isn’t indexing all of Twitter, watch this video. Get even more details on our study at All other links mentioned: How Does Google Index Tweets Today? How the New Twitter Deal Will Impact SEO: Tweets take flight in the Google app: Newsletter: Twitter Usage Statistics: Here’s Why Archive Page: