#SocialSkim: Facebook's CPC Updated, Plus 11 More Stories in This Week's Roundup

It's an exciting week when sharks and fireworks combine... and brands hopped on both. Also: Facebook is changing how it measures cost per click (CPC), ways to market better on LinkedIn, and a little app called Bunkr that will transform the way you wow a crowd. And much more... Skim to stay ahead of the sharks. Facebook alters its CPC definitions.Read the full article

How To Create and Insert ThingLink Images in Bunkr Presentation

Watch our easy new tutorial on how to create and insert ThingLink images into your Bunkr presentation. This step by step video will help you solve one of the biggest presentation problems in no time! Try it for free at www.BunkrApp.com

Unnecessary Otter | Halloween Special

A special, Halloween episode of The Unnecessary Otter. This week, Hazel and Otter teach you how to make a spooky Halloween ghost. OTTER MERCH AVAILABLE HERE: http://chewingsand.myshopify.com/ Outtakes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN-wUkKqMhY Lights, Camera, Otter Holding, Otter Voice, Otter Concept, Post Stuff and Co-written by: http://youtube.com/WOTO General Banter: http://youtube.com/funnycatvideos Theme Tune: http://youtube.com/thatjennybee and http://youtube.com/eddplant Makeup: http://youtube.com/euphoriccreation Opening Credits Otter Hand: http://youtube.com/crabstickz MORE HAZEL: http://youtube.com/hazel TWITTER: http://twitter.com/thehazelhayes FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/thehazelhayes CAT: http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01455/cat_1455103c.jpg

Old Spice | Muscle Surprise

Observe how Old Spice used Youtube to direct you to an interactive website we built called http://www.musclesurprise.com. Good observation. Get to a computer now! Hear the workout anthem here: https://soundcloud.com/realoldspiceweswear/old-spice-workout-anthem Old Spice, Muscle Surprise, Terry Crews http://www.musclesurprise.com TERRY: My body is so powerful I need to use multiple powerful smelling Old Spice products to cover my powerful body. Powerfully! [Terry holds up a can of Timber body spray] TERRY: I use Old Spice body spray on my chest! [He sprays the can. Then he holds up Swagger body wash] TERRY: And Old Spice body wash on the rest of my bodddyyyy! [While screaming, Terry’s muscle-body cabinets open and close quickly, and we get a sneak-peek of the multiple characters living inside his muscles] TERRY: WHAT? CLICK TO EXPLORE MY MUSCLESSSSS! It’s not weird.