22 Top Podcasts To Re-Energize Your Online Marketing

by Nicolette Beard
We've culled through dozens of marketing podcasts to find the best of the best. You will kickstart a marketing mindset when you absorb the wealth of information available from numerous industry luminaries. Podcasting doesn’t often make national news, but when I decided to research the topic, I discovered it’s undergoing a quiet revolution.Read the full article

  • Podcasts Are Saving NPR

    wired.com - 33 readers, 1627 Tweets - For the first time in six years, NPR is on track to break even financially as podcasts surge in popularity.

  • Podcasts So Good You Want to Binge-Listen

    theatlantic.com - 29 readers, 805 Tweets - Serial could build on the success of This American Life and Radiolab to produce the most ambitious narrative nonfiction ever delivered via your ears.

  • The remarkable resilience of old-fashioned radio in the US

    qz.com - 27 readers, 232 Tweets - One of the byproducts of Americans' ongoing love affair with the automobile is the enduring strength of their relationship with radio—especially the old-fashioned terrestrial (AM/FM) kind. While the number of Americans that listen to some AM/FM radio has shrunk marginally over the past decade, it has also remained firmly above the 90% threshold—...