5 Brands Rocking Their GIF Game

by Jillian Richardson
GIFs have been around for a long time, but for brands, the fun is just getting started. According to Adweek, Facebook is about to let brands post GIFs, Twitter recently allowed for auto-looped GIFs on its native video player, and companies like Giphy and Tumblr are raking in the cash by making branded GIFs for companies. In other words, GIFs are going to be a big part of the future of marketing.Read the full article

  • Here's Why GIFs Are Back In Style and Bigger Than Ever for Brands

    adweek.com - 40 readers, 1766 Tweets - Move over, emojis. As marketers look to navigate the changing digital video landscape, GIFs are becoming the go-to features for brands seeking better social-media engagement.

  • Starbucks Whips Up 21 Branded GIFs Starring the Frappuccino

    adweek.com - 26 readers, 225 Tweets - Millennials will share practically any strange GIF or meme online with their friends these days, opening up a new, weird marketing tactic for brands. For Starbucks, that means creating a William Wegman-like picture of a dog drinking iced coffee, or an image of cats and a rainbow floating above a Frappuccino.