Everyone to Airbnb: What the heck is up with your new ad?

What “Is Mankind?” It is a question that has bedeviled philosophers since the dawn of civilization — from Aristotle to Francis Bacon to Thomas Hobbes. Now add to that list Airbnb, which hopes to answer that lofty question in a new television advertisement released today — and it’s making a lot of people feel uncomfortable.Read the full article

Is Mankind?

Airbnb believes that people can and should feel like they belong anywhere in the world. That feeling is possible because of the human kindness found in our community--because of hosts who were once strangers, who welcome us no matter how far we are from home. Go and see just how kind this world can be. Go see for yourselves. Stay in their homes, hear their stories, understand their lives. Share your experiences with us. What kindness do you see in the world? Join the conversation at #Mankind and let’s experience and celebrate these moments of kindness together. http://abnb.co/paZqhm

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